SON Admission Policies and Preferences

  • We require 8 hours of Human Anatomy & Physiology, which is comprised of 2 lecture/lab combos.  These courses must be current and taken within 5 years of application submission.  Students must retake these courses if they do not meet these requirements.  Attempts made to meet this policy will not be counted within the maximum attempts policy.  

    Common Substitutions:  Below are API and AP II approved substitutions that we accept. All others outside of Texas State University will be required to undergo a course review and evaluation.  Please discuss this with your academic advisors. 

    BIO 3425 & BIO 3426 at Texas State University

    BIO 319 and BIO 320 at Texas A & M University 

  • At the time of application submission, the following must be met: 

    1. At least 3 of the 5 sciences must be completed (and transcripts received) at the time of application submission. 
    2. No more than 18 hours of prerequisites remaining to be completed during the Spring/Summer prior to fall admission.
    3. Human Anatomy & Physiology I and II MUST be current and completed within the past 5 years of application submission to be eligible. Attempts to meet this policy will not be counted within the maximum attempts policy. 
  • Applicants may apply to the BSN Program a maximum of 3 times. 

    Attempting the application multiple times could affect your financial aid eligibility and /or result in excessive hours. It is your responsibility to verify how this might affect your status.

    Please seek guidance from the College of Health Professions Academic Advising Center. Review the contact information on this page. St. David's School of Nursing will not be held liable for your attempted hours. 

  • Dual Credit is acceptable but we highly recommend that A& P I and II be completed post-high School graduation during the first and second year in college. We also accept AP and IB credits for general prerequisite requirements, but not for BIO 2440/2400, BIO 2451 or BIO 2452.  Additionally, we will accept AP credit for either BIO 1330 or CHEM 1341, but not both. 

    Students who complete an associate's degree through a Dual Credit Program are highly encouraged to complete a year in a post-high school university setting prior to applying to the BSN program. 

  • EP (Emergency Pass) grades are highly discouraged.  COVID-19 impacted many students, starting Spring 2020, who were given the option to elect these grades. While we understand the importance of this flexible option, it remains discouraged as it does not truly reflect your performance in said course(s).  If ‘EP’ grades are found in your academic history, you will be required to address it during the interview portion of the application processing.  

  • Applicants are allowed a maximum of 8 attempts on all the 5 science prerequisites: BIO 1330, CHEM 1341, BIO 2440, BIO 2451 and 2452. This allows the applicant to attempt a maximum of 3 science courses twice. Attempts taken to meet the 5-year rule for BIO 2451 & 2452 WILL NOT be counted within these attempts.

  • Our BSN program welcomes military veterans!  Although we have offered conditional admission to many students who are veterans, we are unable to provide early or pre-acceptance letters, completed Form 48 AFROTC documents or TA letters in advance for programs such as the Nurse Enlisted Commissioning Program (NECP) or the AMEDD Enlisted Commissioning Program (AECP). 

  • Students must be at least 18 years of age prior to the start of the BSN Program.

    Dual credit students eligible to apply right out of high school should consider a full year of post-high school college attendance prior to applying.  Our nursing curriculum is extremely rigorous and gaining college life skills is crucial to success within the program. 

  • Texas State's School of Nursing BSN Program is moving to a more holistic application.  Being more holistic includes considering students whose minimum requirements may be on the cusp. We encourage all students to move forward with their application if the overall application is strong. 

    Students with a science or nursing prerequisite GPA below 2.5 or an overall TEAS score less than 65% are discouraged from applying. 

  • Students that do not currently have a SSN must hold legal residence in the states and are encouraged to work directly with the international student office to gain the appropriate identification documents.  DACA students that are undocumented are encouraged to seek additional opportunities and can contact the Attorney for Students office for additional assistance. 

  • Applicants who have completed at least 24 hours of nursing prerequisite coursework at Texas State University will be reviewed first, however all applicants will be reviewed for admission.