BSN Program Financial Expectations

Testing Software-charged annually$60
Liability Insurance and Standardized Patient (Non-refundable, one-time charge)TBA
Clinical Student Account: This account is used to upload compliancy documentation and conduct drug screen and second background check. $150
First Required Criminal Background Test (Texas Board of Nursing)$40
Immunizations and Appointment with Healthcare ProfessionalVaries
Basic Life Support Training for Healthcare Professionals$65
Health Insurance for the 5 Semesters of Nursing School: Estimate provided for the cost of Domestic Student Health Insurance offered by Texas State University's Health Center. Other plans may vary. $7200

Tuition and Fees

(Undergrad/TX resident)   
13 credits1st fall semester (J1)$5300 
14 credits1st spring semester (J2)$5600 
 6 creditsSummer semester (J3)$2700 
13 credits2nd  fall semester (S1)$5300 
13 credits2nd spring semester (S2)$5300 

 Please visit Texas State Billing for more specific information. 

Required Textbooks, including ATI resources,  for the 1st fall Semester Only: More information will be provided upon BSN acceptance.TBA
Uniforms/Scrubs: Includes 1 set of scrub tops, pants, polo shirt, black pants, embroidery and optional t-shirt.$125-$150
Clinical Supplies: Includes stethoscope with ID tag, blood pressure cuff-adult size, lab goggles and/or face shield, penlight, and a watch with a second hand (sweep) hand. $175
Lab Supplies: Supply pack for each clinical course (cost varies per clinical course)$100-$400
Nursing Shoes: All white or all black leather shoes with NO mesh.$100
University Parking Permits : Purchased each fall semester and lasts one academic year.$115
Classroom Laptop and Accessories: You are required to have a laptop for your required assignments and classroom activities.  Recommendations can be found on our website.$200-$1500

Graduation Costs

Cap and gown and optional nursing pin$100
NCLEX Licensure application and exam fees$500

~All costs listed are approximate.  Prices may vary and/or change.