ATI TEAS Information and Resources

ATI TEAS Testing Information

The BSN application requires applicants to take the ATI-TEAS-Nursing Exam.  This exam must be taken within the date ranges for each admission cycle. All ATI Test Performance Profiles must be submitted with the BSN application through NursingCAS. 

Minimum required TEAS overall score: Proficient 65% or better.

Date ranges for Fall 2024 Priority Admission: January 16, 2023-January 1, 2024. 

Date ranges for Fall 2024 General Admission: January 16, 2023-March 1, 2024.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND preparing for this exam BEFORE taking it. ATI recommends at least 6 weeks of preparation prior to taking the TEAS. There are many helpful resources listed below. 

It is recommended that students fully complete or have almost completed Human Anatomy & Physiology I prior to taking the ATI-TEAS exam. It could help improve scores.

  • ATI-TEAS tests can be proctored online through the ATI-TEAS Website or taken in person and proctored by an institutional testing center. Testing options are listed below. ATI TEAS test transcripts are not required to be sent to Texas State University, but students can choose this option to ensure we receive a copy. 
  • If you take the Nursing TEAS a second time, both tests must be within the date range of the application period for which you are applying for each proceeding fall admission.  
  • Students are expected to download and save a PDF copy of their TEAS Score Performance Profile that is required as an attachment on the BSN application. 
  • Applicants will be required to upload a PDF of both Performance Profile results in the NursingCAS as they are completing the BSN application. 

TEAS Test Type Accepted 

We will only be accepting the  ATI-Teas Nursing exam, no allied Health TEAS scores will be considered.   Please confirm this with your testing site BEFORE you take the TEAS.  The minimum required scores remain the same. 

TEAS test attempts

A maximum of two attempts of the ATI TEAS Exam are allowed. These two attempts MUST be a minimum of 30 days apart. Students must also have taken both attempts within the required date ranges for each year's admission cycle. (see date ranges above)  Students may take the retake (second attempt) in any format, despite the format of the first attempt.  It can be taken as a proctored online exam or in person at a testing center.  

Waiting Period Between TEAS Attempts

Students are highly encouraged to take advantage of the two test attempt rule.  Students will be required to wait at least 30 days between the two attempts on the Nursing-TEAS exam.  Please plan accordingly to take advantage of both attempts before the application deadline (Priority or General).   Both test attempts can be taken in any format, either proctored online or at a PSI National Testing Center. 

Minimum Required TEAS Test Scores

The BSN Application requires the submission of at least one set of ATI TEAS Test Scores. The minimum requirement is an overall score of Proficient 65% or better. 

Uploading TEAS attempts to application

If you take the Nursing TEAS a second time, both tests must be within the date range of the application period for which you are applying. Applicants will be required to  upload a PDF of both Performance Profile results to NursingCAS during the application process. 



ATI TEAS Testing Options

TXST Testing Centers

Texas State University Testing Centers are now open for in-person and online proctoring for the TEAS (Testing Center TEAS).  

  • Testing, Evaluation, and Measurement Center at Texas State University - San Marcos, (512) 245-2276. 
  • Testing Center (Avery Building) at Texas State University - Round Rock Campus (RRC), (512) 716-4020 (Round Rock Testing Center information

ATI Remote/Proctored Testing

ATI is also offering proctored, remote TEAS testing.  Please contact ATI   for more information. 

PSI Testing

  • Students can also register to take the TEAS exam through a PSI Testing Center.  To register for the ATI TEAS with PSI, visit the national ATI TEAS testing center which offers many testing centers throughout the United States.

ATI Test Resources

ATI offers the following resources to prepare for the ATI TEAS:

    • TEAS Smart Prep
    • TEAS Basic Package
    • TEAS Online Practice Test
    • TEAS Study Manual

 The internet also has many resources for free TEAS practice questions.