Graduate Nursing Program Clinical Requirements

An important part of a nursing student's educational journey is performing successfully in required clinical hours. The time dedicated in clinical prepares students for their future roles in the healthcare field. This page will guide new and continuing students through the clinical placement process.


Texas State University supports students through the clinical process. There are hundreds of approved affiliates contracted with Texas State University to help with securing placement. Students are responsible for making the connection, setting up their placement details, and turning in the correct paperwork to the clinical coordinator and faculty on time. While working to secure a placement keep a couple things in mind:

  • Build strong relationships in the healthcare field.
  • Ask trusted contacts if they would precept.
  • Learn about each preceptor and facility before placement begins.
  • Review your course's preceptor requirements early to seek the right type and setting for preceptors.

Requirements for All MSN Students

Students are required to complete all requirements before they begin their program. Immunizations, certificates, and licenses need to be renewed periodically. It is the student's responsibility to make sure all of these are up to date before and during each semester. Clinical facilities require these as well, and students cannot participate if they are not up to date on all requirements.

Required Clinical and Preceptor Paperwork

For all programs, clinical paperwork is mandatory. Required processes and forms will be available to currently enrolled students in the "Current Graduate Nursing Students" Canvas course. The Preceptor Approval Form is required for all graduate nursing programs. This form must be completed for each preceptor with whom you work. Both clinical and preceptor approval forms are available in the "Current Graduate Nursing Students" Canvas course. Please note that you cannot start clinicals until you have final approval from both department and clinical faculty.

Clinical and Preceptor Approvals Process

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